Always improving


Implementation of the main quality management systems.

ISO 9001

Quality management system

It offers us an effective system of administration and improvement of the quality of the services we offer, with special care to customer service, resolution of complaints and improvement of the service.

ISO 14001

The organisation’s environmental management system

It allows us to properly systematise the impact on the natural environment of each of our company’s activities, through the monitoring of a series of protocols aimed at environmental protection, optimising the management of our resources to avoid negative environmental impacts of the activity and associated risks.

ISO 13816

Quality assurance system in passenger transport

It provides us with guidelines to transport service providers for making quality commitments in order to meet customer expectations. These guidelines are based on the following criteria: service offered, accessibility, information, time, customer service, comfort, safety and environmental impact.

OSHAS 18001

Management System for Safety and Health in the Workplace

It permits us to identify and prevent risks, identify threats and implement control measures necessary to avoid accidents in the workplace. The commitment of our company to the safety and health of our employees allows us to affirm with all certainty that the degree of accident is non-existent, which confirms the motivation of our employees to be more efficient and productive, eliminating the risk of accident.

ISO 39001

Road safety management system

This International Standard specifies the requirements for a road safety management system (SV, seguridad vial, in ⁠Spanish) that enables an organisation interacting with the road system to reduce fatalities and serious injuries resulting from road traffic accidents.